This 18-lb, more-than-70-years-old, Canadian mother has moved into his new digs at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island. This big boy is the largest of its species ever to live at the Aquarium. He'll reside  in the Sea Cliffs exhibit along with walruses and sea lions. 

He eats almost three-quarters of a pound of shrimp and fish every day. Imagine how big his heart must be.

The lobster was caught off the coast of Canada just a few weeks ago, and spent a couple of days relaxing in San Francisco.  Lucky for him, an area seafood distributor decided the giant crustacean deserved to be a star. The Aquarium saw a internet listing for the behemoth, and saved him from his demise at the hands of monsters like The Palm, or McDonalds.

How many servings do you think you could get out of lobster this size? 

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