Photo courtesy Quicksilver Pro New York

Normally you just don't think of New York City and surfing at the same time, but yesterday the Long Beach/NYC surfing community (there's a Long Beach/NYC surfing community?) experienced an fantastic opening ceremony for the $1million, 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York

A massive crowd turned out yesterday to see first hand what an international professional surfing tournament was all about, and dudes! It looked like Malibu!

In addition to a traditional 6-man Hawaiian canoe draped in flowers, world surfing champ Kelly Slater was there to wow the crowd of 40,00 surf fans.

"I like being on the East Coast, I sort of feel like I'm home," Slater gushed. "Even today on the beach the crowd just seemed so into it and there's nothing going on yet."

Pretty impressive to take a subway to a surfing event, then later, meeting someone seen earlier wearing a bikini on a beach (hopefully female), waiting for a table at Balthazar. That's just narley dude!


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