Movie trailers are common place, but museums using trailers? Now that's different. At least that voice never said, "In a world of impressionist art .  .  . ".
Courtesy Tate Britain

The trailer is Tate Britain's promo for their John Martin exhibition of hellish visions. Visions that could scare the Bejesus  out of art gawkers. (Eat more Bejesus prior to visiting for extra fun.)

The epic landscapes go on exhibit beginning today, and will be hung until January 15, 2012. Since Martin specialised in scenes of devastation (great moments in Bible mayhem), this should coincide with the Mayan-end-of-the-world predictions of a scheduled destruction due later in the year. (That's going to mess up travel plans.)

Guests of Tate Britain and lovers of all-mighty smoting  will be treated to abundant depictions of fury, doom and damnation that have influenced the likes of   Alan Moore, HP Lovecraft, George Lucas, and Metallica.


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