From the fine folks at This vs That, created by Jon Hotchkiss,  we are allowed to see the amazing Steffen Method for stuffing airplanes! Watching, you'll be amazed to see passengers taking their seats quickly and in an orderly fashion. 

Dr. Steffen's boarding method is significantly more effective at boarding passengers more quickly, than any other known boarding method. 

The method gets its name from American astrophysicist (figures) Jason Steffen who worked it out in 2008 ‘out of curiosity’ after getting stuck in a long line in the  departure lounge.

With the Steffen Method, passengers should board from the back (gasp), each taking a seat on every other row (OMG), starting with the  window seats first. (Thank you baby Jesus!)

It's a plan that should end a lot of wasted time and frustration.

Most airlines fill planes in blocks but the new technique did it in half the time. 

Our idea is faster, but it involves removing the seats, scuba gear, and a water slide!

Have any ideas of your own? Let's hear them.


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