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We've noticed lately, there's some weird stuff going on in blogging. We're beginning to think someone is actually doing that 100-monkeys-with-keyboards experiment.

Most of what we are running across involve links on Twitter, but they lead to great blog stuff like:

“I’ve journeyed sufficient to know that even if you are encouraged only by greed, if you know what is great for you then you do not wish to be dirty abounding in a desperately bad country,” Steves mentioned in an interview.

Now this is supposed to be a quote from Rick Steves, and we're assuming it's the Rick Steves who travels a lot. However, we've never heard Steves mangle a sentence like that. What the hell does “I’ve journeyed sufficient to know.  .  ." even mean?

Here's a couple more:
  • The invulnerability andperpetuation  of those cutshas  an intent of inhuman insurgency.  .  . (Huh?)
  • His parent ran a piano store and supposing German unison pianos.  .  . (Whaa?)

Do Not Confuse Us With Val
What's `inhuman insurgency'? How about `German unison pianos'? We don't have time to run this through a Google translator for English to English.

Don't get us wrong. We will never be confused with Proust, but we keep the damn monkeys away from the keyboards! Besides -- they're much better at graphics!

Want to read the crap that started this rant, Go Here: Something Close To English Crap


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