From Southwest Airlines' SPIRIT

Months ago, while reading Southwest Airlines' Spirit Magazine, their in flight mag, I ran across this.  It's the definition of Laptopistan which is: 

  1. A cafe littered with MacBook Pros, the occaisional PC and their highly focused owners. 
  2. A place where audible conversations are frowned upon.

Laptopistan is a word coined by the brilliant David Sax in his December 3, 2010 New York Times story "Destination: LAPTOPISTAN". (However, he did misspell Willie Nelson's name in the story, so I'm deducting ten points.)

I couldn't resist. I had to snap it to share. I've also been wanting to feature it here, but I've been negligent. Negligent until today! Today I felt I was given the cosmic opportunity to compare it to something.

As one can see, I was helped along in this process by  @budgetplaces, a Twitter gumba. (After all, what are gumbas for?)

Note: Noun -- gumba m
  1. friend
  2. godfather

Early Sicilian compare (“countryman”), from Late Latin compater, from cum + pater.

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Anyway, this Tweet directed me to Expatistan.com which I immediately recognized as a clever, collaborative tool (meant only in a good sense) that I may use on occasion. (In fact I already did.)

I was able to use Expatistan to determine that it would cost me thirty-one percent less to live in Berlin when compared to New York City. 

Little do they know, I would spend the same amount having more fun in Berlin. Drinking, saying things like "auf wiedersehen" and "guten abend" while essening, and humming Wagner tunes.

AND I could watch Scrubs in German, acting like I never heard the funny bits before!

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