Just in case you've missed it, Hexacopters and Quadrocopters have positioned themselves as modern, aerial platforms for photographic and videographic creations. William Thielicke, a Ph.D. student, assembled a MM6 Hexacopter, complete with video camera, and the results of filming Cameroon are amazing.

Though the video is about seven months old, a recent third-place finish at the Vilsflimmern film festival in Germany, and popping up all over the Web, it's being heavily viewed. 

Even for those having been fortunate to visit Cameroon, most have never seen it like this before, as the Hexacopter swoops down on Cameroon's coast, up the rivers, hovers over tiny villages, roads, farms,  and flies passed bridges and forests.

Does this remind you of those flying dreams we've all had? When do you think they will scale up one of these machines to human size?


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