As September rolls around, we remember those end of summers from the past, the beginning of new school years (offering a nice collection of holidays), and an end to some stifling hot days of summer. It also reminds us of a song from a long-running musical whose lyricist, Tom Jones,  started his days in the Texas Panhandle.

September also makes us think of cooler weather as Fall sets in, and turns towards winter. September is when we try to remember what it was like in Winter, and what it will be like this winter. Moreover, September makes us think of SNOW! SKIING! BOARDING! 

Are we prepared for our snow adventures? Are we ready for those skiing opportunities? What will we do different this year? What's our agenda, and what will we take, and how will we get there, and where will that be?

Too many questions! But here we offer a couple of suggestions, and information that might help you. Especially with the transportation of that cumbersome equipment you'll require. 

First, let's look at picking a ski or board bag. The folks at will clue us in.

Second, since the bag is big enough to pack in three small children, let's do it right. Our friends, (lucky bastards that they are, being able to ski in summer months down in OZ) at will lend a hand showing us how to stuff that stuff.

And finally, let's look at some equipment from Rocky Mountain Trail, one of StayBank's marketing partners.

High Sierra Wheeled Double Coffin-Style Ski/Snowboard Bag

High Sierra Wheeled Double Coffin-Style Ski/Snowboard Bag

High Sierra Wheeled Double Coffin-Style Ski/Snowboard Bag High Sierra Wheeled Double Coffin-Style Ski/Snowboard Bag

$119.90 USD +S&H

High Sierra Wheeled Double Ski Bag

High Sierra Wheeled Double Ski Bag

High Sierra Wheeled Double Ski Bag High Sierra Wheeled Double Ski Bag

$84.90 USD +S&H

High Sierra Double Ski Bag

High Sierra Double Ski Bag

High Sierra Double Ski Bag High Sierra Double Ski Bag

$59.90 USD +S&H

Great Brands, Great Prices+Free Shipping

Who knows? Perhaps we'll see you skiing Japan this year with all of your ostrich friends? Until then, pray for snow!

Always something weird about people who would rather make fun of the possible danger around them. We suppose that's how famous last words come about.


Gee thanks Dr Ruth. And we're supposed to meet to two twenty-one-year-old blondes, at the Statue of Liberty around 10:00pm!


We have books. We can bring them over if you like!

OK JC, but you've got to do something about cockroaches and crab grass!


If people can be sorry about a major storm turning out to be somewhat less than predicted, we suppose there are some in government and media today, who are sorry.

Having been through several hurricanes, we know what was missed. And the greatest number of people  involved were lucky -- this time.

Was there some media hype? Of course! However, if your city, town, hamlet, or county has been directly impacted by Irene, you probably haven't noticed the hype. In fact, you've probably noticed water more than anything else. Lots of it!

Share some of your thoughts and experiences related to Irene below.


Today is Robin Leaches 70th birthday and we are wishing the man, who originally encouraged us to seek our champagne wishes and caviar dreams, a grand birthday today.


And so it starts with a couple of simple Tweets. One from us. One from them. It's a dichotomous relationship in Twitter Land, and the real world. Like the relationships between labor and management, or customer and staff.

Whether we're on vacation or not, short of the tips we leave behind for some, we often take for granted the personnel and staffers who tend to our needs. They make our lives simpler and more pleasurable. Additionally, in many cases, they make things safer. 

You know them. They're the wait staff, porters, attendants, housekeeping staff, and maintenance people. We leave our work behind, or at least hope to, and in the process of escaping, we enter their work world. If they do their jobs right, we will barely notice them. In fact, the times we do take notice is when they provide exceptionally good service, or extremely poor service. 

Poor service, you may have noticed, usually comes from those staffers who just aren't very happy with their work. There can be a couple of reasons for this. One could be that the staffer wouldn't be happy no matter what they were involved in. The second could be where work has become intolerable. The first has to do with personality. The second has to do with working conditions.  And that involves management.

We're certain any management type can understand what we're addressing here. They have seen good and bad service in their lives. They know the difference. They too, like everyone involved, want to be served by happy, beautiful, quality people -- no matter what. 

Just in case you're wondering about the quality, and beauty of Teamsters Local Union 31 members, the Rocky Mountaineer employees, just look at the article from Jenny Uechi, Managing Editor of The Vancouver Observer. A picture is worth a thousand words, and there are nine pictures there. (Sorry we missed that event!)

Final analysis: An employee lock out, in our opinion, is not a good negotiation strategy. It tends to irk those involved, customers included, and makes management look like something one would want to scrape off the bottom of a shoe.



California's major airports supported LAX in its effort to bar the Hare Krishna religious group from collecting cash and now California’s supreme court agrees. California’s supreme court ruled that banning them from collecting donations in the airport was a reasonable security measure to protect harried passengers rushing to make travel connections. The group has been a fixture at the airport since 1974, but now :-( , no more.

In a ruling Justice Carlos Moreno said: “The problems posed by solicitations for the immediate receipt of funds that arise in any public place would be exacerbated in the often crowded and hectic environment of a large international airport.” YAY Carlos! 

The Hare Krishnas are still free to preach and distribute pamphlets on airport property, and to ask passengers to send in donations later by distributing self-addressed envelopes. Damn!

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare, Krishna Baby! Goodbye. Woh - Oh - Woha!

What happens after 8 p.m. can make or break a city vying for Party Town status, and can determine whether the city will land among those Travel+Leisure's list of America's best cities for nightlife. 

Each year, Travel+Leisure's readers vote on what they love most (or like the least) about 35 major cities. The criteria might include  luxury hotels and big-name restaurants. To find the real party cities, Travel+Leisure looked at the nightlife rankings based on live musiccocktails, and the singles scene. As an added bonus, they also checked  noise levels.  

Just to let one know, the major factor making Nawlins the champ of over-the-top partying is -- Bourbon Street. But those surveyed love this city for small details too. New Orleans has its bar scene, its neighborhood joints,  fascinating people, and  cool boutique hotels.

And Damn! We haven't even considered Mardi Gras!


Peter Goodman, over at the Huffington Post, reports on what Ben Bernanke had to say today. Ben knows what to do to help the US economy, but he's not saying.

Ben, we know how to help too! Everyone should go somewhere like Jackson Hole and spread some money around.

Our friend Jeff Ward, at Teton Village Realty, in Jackson Hole, has ideas too. Jeff has a nice way of expressing these ideas about a beautiful part of our country. Another area we believe many people should see.

As for Ben, we hope he enjoys his get away to Jackson Hole. Maybe when he gets back to his office, away from the beautiful scenery and fresh, high-altitude air -- he'll be in a sharing mood.

If you ever want to see this area yourself, there are some great accommodations there for you. Just Click Here To See.

Is it just my imagination, or is this shadow (maybe tree) trying to say something? 

Isn't it cool how one can go to a foreign travel sight and get Google translations like this?

We love land of 20 Spanish Mackerel, but just try to find the damn thing on the map!!!!
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